Lindsay Ann Bakes: Taste of Nature {Sponsored Post}

Friday, July 11, 2014

Taste of Nature {Sponsored Post}

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When you bakes all the time, or just have a huuuge sweet tooth like I do, it gets really hard sometimes to make healthy choices when reaching for a quick snack. I try to eat pretty healthy for the most part, but when temptation is calling my name, with no quick alternative in sight, it's all over. Apparently, I'm not alone, either. According to a recent national survey conducted by Kelton and sponsored by Taste of Nature, nearly all (98%) Americans snack, but nine in ten (85%) admit they find healthy snacking to be difficult.

So when I got the opportunity to host a Taste of Nature tasting party, to try out their new bars with some of my friends, we jumped at the chance to see if these healthier bars could really be a simple solution to distract from life's daily temptations all around us. So, Taste of Nature was generous enough to send over a ton of bars to try and backpacks stuffed with water bottles, frisbees, and a couple paddleball sets to complete the healthy lifestyle.They sent us six really unique flavors that we got to try: Brazilian Nut Festival, California Almond Valley, Quebec Cranberry Carnival, Canadian Maple Forest, Himalayan Goji Summit, Persian Pomegranate Garden. Everyone had their own preference on which was their favorite, but overall everyone loved the bars and agreed they are perfect to throw in your purse for a snack or grab for breakfast. Brazilian Nut Festival seemed to be one of the most popular. They have a chewy and crunchy texture and are perfectly sweet, yet hearty and satisfying so they are just perfect for a grab-and-go snack!

The Taste of Nature bars are 100% certified organic, non-GMO and gluten-free bars. The company has been providing healthy snacks to the Canadian market for more than 25 years and is now available in the U.S.! The bars are packed with real, nuts, fruits and grains and between 180-190 calories with under 12 grams of sugar, with nothing artificial, no fillers and no chemicals – what you see is what you get with these bars, so you’ll get all the good stuff, like fruit, nuts, and seeds, high fiber and healthy carbohydrates, without the additives, artificial flavors and fillers.

Here are some more survey findings I found really interesting and comforting:
  • On average, Americans who snack do it twice a day.
  • 42 percent of Americans feel they could commit to having one healthy snack every day.
  • 42 percent of snackers are most likely to have an unhealthy snack between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm.
  • 41 percent of snackers are most likely to have an unhealthy snack on Saturdays.
  • 43 percent of Americans have treated themselves to an unhealthy snack as a reward for an accomplishment.
  • 23 percent have hidden their snacks from others so they wouldn’t have to share.
All six flavors can be found at fine natural food locations across the US. You can buy the bars online to you can find the closest retailer to you here:, but they sell them at places like Costco and health food stores like Lassen's Health Foods for $1.99 per bar. For more information, visit

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. Pin It


  1. the recipe is so AWESOME!!!

  2. Looks like a great recipe. Will have to try these out!

  3. DELISH!!! Perfect small batch (although I did get a dozen). Making again soon :D

  4. If you make them slightly smaller, you do get a dozen. Glad you liked them!

  5. So happy I could be there to help :) Thanks for checking out my recipes and videos, glad you like them!

  6. Yup, it is in the first line of the directions :)

  7. This recipe was such a life saver! I'm a nanny and one rainy day where we were so bored and the ingredients were pretty low, we were able to have a blast baking these delicious cookies! Your flour measuring technique has been so useful! I've used it on other baking recipes as well. Thanks!!

  8. I am so glad it was a success, what a fun day you must have created for the kids!

  9. Can these cookies be made without brown sugar? I don't have any brown sugar :(

  10. Check out my homemade brown sugar recipe here!:

  11. Made these last night and they were perfect! I didn't have parchment paper. I just sprinkled the bottom of the dough mounds with flour, and I also only baked them 9-10 minutes because I love chewy/gooey cookies. Delicious! Thanks!