Friday, June 1, 2012

Tootsie Roll Graduation Cupcake Toppers

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These cute little graduation cupcake toppers are 100% edible and delicious. I made them out for chocolate and fruit flavored tootsie rolls for a festive graduation treat. They are really simple to make and can be used to top any kind of cupcake, cake, or sweet treat! Even customize them to fit your school colors by using different types of fruit chew candy.

Tootsie Roll Graduation Cupcake Toppers

Create a long thin rope out of tootsie roll/fruit chew color of your choice to be used as the ribbon around the diploma and the tassel on the grad hat. Make the diploma scroll out of vanilla tootsie roll by flattening it into a rectangle and rolling it up. The grad hat is made out of one chocolate tootsie roll cut in half, flattening one half to create a square top and the other half as the base of the hat.

Wrap the ribbon around the diploma. Stack the square top of the hat onto the base and attach a tassel. Place on top of your frosted baked goods.

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  1. love tootstie rolls, use them all the time instead of fondant. cute toppers!



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