Lindsay Ann Bakes: Thanksgiving Sugar Cone Corucopia

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thanksgiving Sugar Cone Corucopia

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These cute little cornucopias made out of a sugar cone are really fun to make. They are the perfect, fun family project, where kids can even help shape and fill them! You can use them for gift giving, or even as a festive name plate around your Thanksgiving dinner table!

The cornucopia is also know as "the horn of plenty",  a large horn overflowing with the fruits of our labor, such as flowers, nuts, and other edibles... like, CANDY! You can stuff your cone-ucopias with rice crispy treats, trail mix, nuts, dried fruit, candy corn, or any treat you like. I used "Runts" candy to look like fruit, for a more authentic look. You can package them up in clear plastic baggies tied with ribbon and a custom tag for gift giving, or create name tags to tie around each cone-ucopia, and use them as a Thanksgiving dinner plate treat for guest to find their seat and enjoy!

You will need
  • sugar cones
  • filling of your choice (candy, nuts, etc.)
  • microwave or stove top vegetable steamer
  • colored pencil, paper & ribbon for name tags or Happy Thanksgiving greetings (optional)

Microwave method: Dip the tip of the sugar cone in water. Lay on a damp paper towel in the microwave and fold the edge of the paper towel over so it covers about an inch of the tip of the cone. Microwave on HIGH in 5 second intervals for 10-20 seconds, depending on the wattage of your microwave, until the tip start to get soft and bendable (you may have to do this on 50% power if your microwave has a higher wattage, so the cones don't burn). Remove cone from microwave once pliable. Bend the tip of the cone up with your fingers, forming a cornucopia shape. (Cone will be hot, so be careful not to burn your self!). Fill with treats of your choice.

Stove top method: Place up to 4 cones, points pointing upward, on the top pot of a veggie steamer. Fill the bottom pot with 1" of water. On medium heat, with the lid OFF, steam the cones for a few seconds until soft and pliable, but be careful not to steam them too long or they will unravel completely. Remove from pot and bend the tip of the cones up with your hands, creating a cornucopia shape. (Cone will be hot, so be careful not to burn your self!)

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