Lindsay Ann Bakes: How to carve a cupcake jack-o-lantern

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to carve a cupcake jack-o-lantern

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After posting a ton of sweet Halloween treat tutorials, I am so excited to share my cupcake jack-o-lantern tutorial with you! I have been waiting all year for Halloween to come around so I could carve a cute little cupcake jack-o-lantern :) It was so fun to make and pretty easy too! I hope you like it and if you try it out, be sure to tag me a picture @LindsayAnnBakes on instagram, facebook, or twitter!

Cupcake Jack-O-Lantern

You will need


Hollow out your pumpkin, saving the seeds to make my delicious sweet, salty, or spicy roasted pumpkin seed recipes!

Draw your cupcake design onto your pumpkin. Start by drawing 3 little lines to mark where the top of the cherry will be, where the frosting and cupcake liner will meet (middle), and where the base of the cupcake liner will be. Once the proportions are mapped out, draw in the details of the cupcake liner, outline the frosting and add a circle on top for the cherry.

Cut out vertical stripes, alternating with stripes of un-carved pumpkin, forming the cupcake liner (make sure the un-carved stripes are thick so they don't break like my first stripe on the left did!). Leaving a thin space right above the cupcake liner, begin scraping the outside layer of the pumpkin off to form the frosting. This will create a subtle glow behind the frosting once lit, so make sure you scrape the inside wall of the pumpkin very well, so the candle light can shine through.

Scrape the frosting smooth, and as deep as you can without breaking through. I outlined the perimeter of the frosting by carving almost all the way through, so the candle can really glow through the thin layer of pumpkin, giving it a cool effect.

Cut out a circle for the cherry on top.

Create sprinkles by cutting thin slits in the frosting area.

Voila! You have your cupcake jack-o-lantern. And the best part is it looks adorable un-lit, as a display...

... Or lit up by your door step!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Your pumpkin is absolutely adorable!!!!

  2. aww that's so great :)

  3. super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. A sturdy carving knife or bread knife will do. Still, the precision of the hands will determine the quality.

  5. That is sooooo cute!!!