Lindsay Ann Bakes: Crispy Witch Hats

Monday, October 17, 2011

Crispy Witch Hats

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These cute Witch hats are perfect for a Halloween party place setting, a fun addition to the dessert table, or a treat for your class or office. All you need to do is stuff some sugar cones with rice crispy treats and cover in chocolate!

Crispy Witch Hats 

You will need
  • batch of rice crispy treats (make according to the recipe on the back of the cereal or marshmallow package)
  • sugar cones
  • chocolate chips or cocoa candy melts
  • disposable cups (with a bottom diameter larger than the opening of the cone)
  • decorative Halloween sprinkles


Prepare rice crispy treats according to the recipe on the back of the cereal or marshmallow package. I used cocoa crispies to make chocolate rice crispy treats. Stuff rice crispy treats into sugar cones and flatten them so the rice crispy treat is flush with the top of the cone.

Place stuffed cones, pointed side up, in a styrofoam or plastic cup, making sure there is space at the bottom of the cup all around the cone. Melt chocolate according to package, and pour down the tip of the cone so it coats the entire cone, letting the excess chocolate pool at the bottom of the cup to create the brim o the hat. Help spread the chocolate around the cone using a knife until it is fully coated. Plae in the refrigerator to dry. Once the chocolate has set, remove from the cup and add some festive sprinkles to the tip of the hat using the melted chocolate to adhere them.

You can use any extra rice crispy treat to make fun crispy pops! Simply roll crispy treat into balls, add a stick, dip in chocolate and cover in sprinkles, like I did for my Cute & Friendly Halloween Pops!

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  1. this is genius! I love all things with and Halloween. I'm having a party on the 30th with adults and children. It's an open house so I'll be making a lot of finger foods,apps,mini stuff! Love your ideas so much! Congrats on winning Cupcake Wars. That is awesome!!!!! Do you have mini appetizer ideas anywhere?