Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beer Mug Marshmallow Pops

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Perfect for Father's Day or a 21st Birthday, these beer mug pops are so simple to make, using only two ingredients; marshmallows and chocolate. And although they are not alcoholic, they are still just as satisfying. After making my Green Beer Pops for St. Patrick's Day, I couldn't resist making a classic frosty mug o' beer.

Beer Mug Marshmallow Pops

You will need
  • Lollipop sticks   
  • Marshmallows
  • Yellow OR dark cocoa candy melts (found at most craft stores)
  • White candy melts


Push the lollipop stick through the flat side of the jumbo marshmallow (make sure not to poke it all the way through).

Prepare handles by slicing off the end of a jumbo marshmallow, cut it in half and punch out the center, creating a "C" shape. I wanted to try a new handle for my mugs, without having to buy a separate bag of mini marshmallows, but I think I still prefer the squared handles from my Green Beer Pops for St. Patrick's Day. Either one works.

In 2 separate bowls, melt yellow or brown candy melts and white candy melts according to package. Use yellow for a "light beer" or dark chocolate for a "stout". Dip marshmallow into bowl of "beer" colored candy melts. Gently tap the stick on the side of the bowl to let any excess chocolate fall back into the bowl. Attach "handle" while still wet. (I stick my pops in a Styrofoam block to dry, but anything you can find to make them stand up straight will work. You can also just lay them on their side on wax paper if you don't mind the back side getting flattened.)

Once the "beer" coating has dried, dip the top of the pop into your melted white chocolate. It's ok if it drips down the side of the "mug"... this makes it look more authentic.

And there you have some non-alcoholic mugs o' beer.

Use dark chocolate to make a "dark beer", or peanut butter candy melt to make an "amber beer".

You can individually wrap your pops in clear plastic bags for a party favor, or you can create a display for your pops. To create a display that your pops can stand upright in, take a block of Styrofoam and wrap it in festive wrapping paper or tissue paper. Push the bottom of each stick into the styrofoam for guests to easily grab and enjoy.

If you like my marshmallow beer pop technique, feel free to share the idea using the share buttons below, or spread the word on your blog/website by posting one photo with a link back to this post for the complete tutorial.

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Happy Father's Day,   
Lindsay Ann          


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